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Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Thu Jun 8 05:10:38 CDT 2006

>   Actually, whole house vacuuming systems are not all that rare
> here in the US. A central vacuum is mounted in a garage or other
> utility area with piping run to areas of the house. The electrics
> are part of the tubing and low-voltage. You plug your tube with
> the vacuum attachment and do your vacuuming without noise or
> lugging of heavy things around. It isn't just for carpets, we
> mostly have wooden floors.
> Example: http://home.howstuffworks.com/central-vacuum.htm

Hmmm, this is actually interesting--the electric vacuum dustbin thing is 
cute--I don't know if we could feasibly install such tubing given the 
existing stone structure of the house, but it's an interesting idea.

Problem is what happens when something gets stuck in a tube? Then you 
must pay someone to rip open your house to find that thing. Must happen 
to people.

>   I didn't know your location. Israel reminds me of a post doc
> friend from Israel who moved back from North Carolina after
> his time was up. He crated all his family's possesions in all
> types of wood planks that he was going to use to build
> furniture later in Israel. I had a friend at a local saw
> mill who cut him black walnut, white oak, maple, and a number
> of other types of boards to make his crates. I always wondered
> what happened to him and his wood. I hope that it all got over
> the seas without someone prying off a few planks.

Common practice here is to use the wood walls of a lift. Lumber here is 
quite expensive. I never heard of anyone stealing lift wood however. :)

>   Good luck on your new house. Photos, we need photos.

I have them and as soon as I actually complete the purchase, I will make 
them available.


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