[thechat] Bad Penny - wuz - RE: cap'n ron is ailing

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Jul 12 12:50:43 CDT 2006

Hi Gang!

He's Baa-ack!!   ;-)

[Well, mostly anyway - still a bit of a shadow of his former self at
this point.  Better 
looking naturally, but considerably lighter and much lower energy than

Wow.  Rather disruptive few weeks for me here.  Thanks much for the well
wishes!!  I'll 
catch back up on my grog allotments when the grog warden allows.

Well, I took a day off last month to go in for my annual spring
cleaning. (It's an 'old guy' thing. 
Note for future reference: Shop around for a petite doc with slender
fingers! You can thank me later.)

Anyway, a nasty little surprise turned up this go-round.  They found a
tiny spot of colon cancer! 
(I distinctly remember trying to argue with them that the name on my
chart shouldn't say 'Sharon Osborne' 
but for some reason they just weren't listening to me.)

Since I was already in the hospital we brought in an old oriental guy
with a big knife (I think 
they found him at the sushi bar down the road, but I'm not sure) and let
him play Samurai 
Champloo with my insides for a few hours.

The good news is that my luck is as fabulous as it ever was.  ;-)  All
the stars were aligned; 
couldn't have been smaller, couldn't have been more localized, couldn't
have been less intrusive, 
couldn't have been detected earlier ... I lit up all the 'good' signs in
an otherwise ominous 
sounding situation.

No need for chemo.  No need for radiation.  

Net-net once I get my appetite back, put on a few pounds, and start
sleeping better ... I should 
be as good as any other refurbished unit on the shelf!  ;-)

The downside, of course, is that this pretty much stuffs my plans for
learning to wakeboard this summer! 

Oh Bother!  ;-(

That fashionable guy with the new, extra large, 'C section' scar,


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