[thechat] np?

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Aug 24 18:21:18 CDT 2006

> [1] Especially seen as I had to check my last.fm listing to refresh  
> my memory as to what I'd been listening to.

heh; reminds me of a certain redhead who lives here, causing
conversations like this:

rush: "Hey, are you and mom going out tonight?"

me: "Heading over to the Valencia Club"

rush: "What?"

me: "We're going to the Valencia Club"

rush: "Why are you telling me that?"

me: "I'm answering your question."

rush: "Oh. What did I ask?"

me: "You asked if your mom and I were going out tonight."

rush: "Why did I ask? Do you know? What were we talking about?"

me: "No clue. As usual. Take your meds."

rush: "Okay. Hey, I remember now: I was gonna ask if you and mom are
going out tonight. Are you?"

this game can be played for hours, until one of us drops from
exhaustion, or leaves for the Valencia Club.

I hear Jeff Buckley is playing there tonight . . .

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