[thechat] New Laptop - Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard?

Chris thechat at cjmarsh.com
Fri Aug 25 13:54:59 CDT 2006


Having solicited opinions on laptops (including Macs) I finally made a purchase from Lenovo from
their 3000 series. So far (2 days down the line) I'm very pleased. The build quality seems to be
good, the dual core 1.83Ghz makes programs as responsive as one would hope, the screen is simply
awesome, and the 100Gb HDD gives me plenty of room.

What I would really like is a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Since the laptop has integrated
Bluetooth, I want to connect the peripherals directly rather than via a dongle in a USB socket. I
cannot (so far) find hardware that advertises this as being possible. Does anyone have any comment
on this? Should this be possible, and if so does anyone have any recommendations?

TIA as always!


Chris Marsh

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