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John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
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"Save" implies I had one before.

I'll leave the dull lecture about the Daily "Yay Hitler" Mail
for another day, and offer instead this useful observation:

Just got back the other day from Festival FM (festivalfm.net)
and three weeks during which I:

*   Drank *lots* and *lots* of beer until at least
     3am almost every day

*   Ate almost no potatoes (save when dubbed 'Aloo'),
     and almost nothing made from flour

*   Worked in a tiny studio which averaged 35C

*   Also no coffee at all

*   A metric assload of non-diet Irn Bru, though

End result?   3 notches off my belt (nearly 5 inches less
waist to go round).

I'm gonna call it the Beer Plan Diet and make a fortune selling
books to people who buy magazines called FHM/Loaded/Nutz/Twuntz,
but if we're going to be honest, it's probably the lack of


PS:  Oh, yeah - since coming back I've been flu-ey as
      hell and as a consequence haven't had a cigarette since
      Sunday night.  Now's probably not the best time for people
      to be dumb near me.  OTOH it's coming up to a week now and
      I'll probably just knock the smoking thing on the head
      at this point.

PPS: d0gz0r!

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