[thechat] Save your six pack

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 31 16:27:13 CDT 2006

John Handelaar noted having fun at Festival FM and some other stuff:

>>Just got back the other day from Festival FM (festivalfm.net) and
three weeks during which I:

Well, it certainly sounds like you had Big Fun!

>>PPS: d0gz0r!

Heh.  Neat Dogger!  Congrats on the family addition!

>>PS:  Oh, yeah - since coming back I've been flu-ey as hell and as a 
>>consequence haven't had a cigarette since Sunday night.  
>>I'll probably just knock the smoking thing on the head at this point.

Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather, but congrats if you
beat the smoking 
thing!  <soapbox mode = "off">


A nonsmoker for almost 3 months now!    ;-)

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