[thechat] Banksy strikes again!

Chris Marsh thechat at cjmarsh.com
Tue Sep 5 14:30:19 CDT 2006


> > I'd pay top dollar for one of Banksy's doctored CD's - 500 limited 
> > edition?
> >
> > just watch ebay!
> Indeed, one has just sold for £750.00 on ebay. I think that 
> would take the 
> sting out of not being able to listen to Stars are Blind :)
>  http://tinyurl.com/l2mzs

"My camera's broken"
"My links are dead"
"Bid with 100% confidence"

This d00d would not instill me with confidence if I were a buyer. Also,
why's he so keen to get shot - surely this item will only appreciate in

Yours cynically...


Chris Marsh 

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