[thechat] cap'n ron escapes captivity! (was FW: [xforum] startingpoint for revitalizing evolt?)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 20 16:15:16 CDT 2006

Garrett asked:

>>Seriously, they let you walk around outside and chat to people 
>>and stuff? *:)

Outside?  What is this "outside" of which you speak?  Ah!  The pig.  The
would know. The pig also spoke of this 'outside' only yesterday.  I
would ask 
pig but I have not seen him yet today. Pity he missed breakfast this
The sausage was extraordinary!

While Mr. Canfield noted ...

>>he's a Texan. *no one* knows what he's on about, even other Texans, 
>>although they all *pretend* the understand each other. 

Shoot, man!  It don't matter *what* you says ... it's all in _hows_ you
says it!  
This is Texas.  It truly is ... All About The 'Tude!  

One of my most harrowing moments, down heah, (not involving interaction
other individuals operating motorized vehicles of course), came when I
heard someone say, in an infinitely angry voice ... 
"I'll show HIM how the cow chews it's cud!"  [That is a direct quote.]

Now ... I have no clue what that actually means.  I'm pretty sure I
don't ever 
actually want to find out what it actually means.  For me it's
to know that you don't mess with anyone who is actually saying such a

Nonverbal communication is also extremely important in Texas.  If you
ever see a Texan staring at you while walking sideways in a Jane Fonda
and engaged in a 'flapping' maneuver where they alternate slapping their
and extending their open palms to their sides... Be advised that they
are NOT inviting 
you to join them in pilates.  They are, instead, threatening to kick
your behind! 

('Less'n 'o course Rodney Crowell's "Stars on the Water" is playing on
jukebox.  In that case they _may_ actually be invitin' you to linedance
Context is everything. So you have to stay alert, or drink more. I
fergets which.)

>>as for Cap'n Ron's wandering the streets, I'll have to tell y'all
someday about 
>>my casual invite to all and sundry to "come to our wedding reception!
It'll be fun!" 
>>and the ensuing sitcom, "Ron and Mary and Joel and Sue in Sacramento"

Oh dear! ... Not the incident where someone mistook the sacred indian
snake mound 
for a restroom I hope?

Looking forward to smiling at you all from Page 3!  (Keep an eye out for


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