[thechat] cap'n ron escapes captivity! (was FW: [xforum] starting point for revitalizing evolt?)

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 17:08:27 CDT 2006

On 20 Sep 2006, at 00:42, Garrett Coakley wrote:

> On 19 Sep 2006, at 20:08, Luther, Ron wrote:
>> I think it could be a useful exercise anyway since it may allow us to
>> set priorities for the different goals we may each see as 'most
>> important' for evolt ... It could be that that there Cal-eye-for-nyan
>> contingent sees evolt as most important in bein' a place for keepin'
>> their dang ole tofu recipes ... While them Texicans just wanna
>> shoot the
>> breeze (and maybe a few doves) ... While them Marx & Sparks
>> shoppers may
>> just be lookin' fer a place to store their mashups and niblicks.
> Can I just say Ron, I always find myself smiling whenever I see a
> posting from you in one of my folders. Most of the time I don't have
> the first damn clue what the hell you're on about, but I know it's
> always going to be unique and entertaining.

Can I just point out that Ron is *exactly like that* in person too. A
bit more lucid, but always unique and entertaining.

And he makes a mean 'rita.


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