[thechat] cheap Texas housing

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Sep 21 10:43:57 CDT 2006

from CNN:


of the 10 most undervalued housing markets in the US, the lowest five
are all in Texas, seven out of the top 10. ('undervalued' meaning that
somebody somewhere thinks the homes are worth more than they're selling
for. since economics is usually practiced by burning the liver of a
black cat by the dark of the moon, I sometimes add a pinch of salt to
these stats)

Dallas ain't a bad town; kinda like San Diego without the ocean, and
with fewer Californians. (thats one minus, one plus, if you're keeping

Ron, any insights into why the median income in College Station is over
$60K (I remember those days . . . ) and in Dallas, it's barely over
$40K? are the overpaying folks at A&M? 


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