[thechat] cheap Texas housing

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 21 15:31:04 CDT 2006

That bass-playing realtor-beagle webbie-guy, Joel Canfield, noted:

>>of the 10 most undervalued housing markets in the US, the lowest five 
>>are all in Texas, seven out of the top 10. 

Well now, that's not a bad thang ifn you is a-buying!  (Hi Sue!)  ;-P

However ... I can personally vouch for Houston being an 'undervalued
... especially since I have my own home up for sale at the moment ...
less than whut I paid fer it! *Ouch*! It _can_ be a bit frustrating.

>>Ron, any insights into why the median income in College Station is
over $60K 
>>and in Dallas, it's barely over $40K? are the overpaying folks at A&M?

Guess #1: 
I figger it's more likely they've just got some Aggies computin' the

Guess #2:
It may be onna them 'statistical' thangs whut happen when you compare
market sizes.  Dallas certainly has some wealthy residents.  However, it
has a 
heck of a lot more residents than College Station.  'Outliers' are more
to impact and skew statistics from smaller areas.  It's that thar "bit
inna small pond" thang -- only with numbers .... Seeee whutimean?


Hard to believe this goober was actually once paid to teach statistics
at the University level, isn't it?

25 years ago (or so) the city with the highest per capita income in the
entire United 
States was a little bitty place known as Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Nice
place.  Lotta nice 
homes! Some GREAT bookstores.  Anyway, Shaker Heights (at that time) had
one _extremely_ 
wealthy (and extremely infamous) resident. If the income for that
individual were not 
considered, I doubt Shaker Heights would have rated in the top 5 cities
for income.
His name was Rueben Sturman.  A search may or may not be SFW.  He was
king of worldwide porn back in the day.  Threw hella outrageous parties
or, uh, so I have heard anyway.

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