[thechat] cheap Texas housing

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Sep 21 17:15:44 CDT 2006

> ... especially since I have my own home up for sale at the moment ...
> for 
> less than whut I paid fer it! *Ouch*! It _can_ be a bit frustrating.

ouch is an understatement.

> 'Outliers' are more likely 
> to impact and skew statistics from smaller areas.  It's that thar "bit
> fish 
> inna small pond" thang -- only with numbers .... Seeee whutimean?

> Hard to believe this goober was actually once paid to teach statistics
> at the University level, isn't it?

uh, you thought of that middle paragraph, and I didn't. Looks like I'll
believe it, at least for now.

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