[thechat] Martin's pregnancy

Wesley Mason wes at pmason.karoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 06:31:53 CDT 2006

How else would you explain the Anrold Schwarzenegger..hey hold on,  
think I've got slightly off track there..

No in this case I think Lucy may have had more to do with it than  
Danny DeVito..at least I hope.

Wesley A Mason

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On 23 Sep 2006, at 1:25 AM, Joel D Canfield wrote:

>> Ah!
>> I knew there was something going on with not just one, but _two_ too-
>> cute-to-be-true children. It's like that Arnold Schwarzenegger
>> film...but...Scottish. ;)
> so, you're suggesting genetic experiments involving Danny DeVito?
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