[thechat] PHP & MySQL: Registration, Leave

Mukesh K. Srivastava srimks at yahoo.co.in
Tue Sep 26 01:41:41 CDT 2006

Hey All.
  I am totally newbie to PHP & MySQL world. I had been assign to come with following features for our newly created team, they -
  1) Password protected login for all users (Manager/Team Members).
2) Request for Leave(Earn & Sick) and Show leave balances and summary of transaction.
3) Email notification and alert to Team Manager/ HR- Manager for each leave submission by employees. 
4) Employees have the options to choose between full day or half day leave.
  5) Inventory List: List of inventory taken/issued.
6) Business Travel: Has information of Passport Number, VISA Type, Countries visited & Date of Travels.
  After having the resource from http://www.evolt.org/PHP-Login -System-with-Admin-Features which seem to be good source to start with, I was able to make out for #1, but now I am struck for #2, #3 & #4. 
  I am using PHP-v4.4.4(Win32) & MySQL-v4.0.16 on my Windows XP system.
  Any clue  "How to start #2 - #4 implementation?
  A bit of guidance can really help me.

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