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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Sep 26 11:09:17 CDT 2006

Joel D Canfield

>>he said 'guitar' - that's the trigger to start a guitar thread, right?

<voice = 'phony French accent' /> But of course, mon amie!   ;-P

I saw this dope nylon string in a video on one of the Hispanic channels
last night. 
Florentine cutaway with multiple light and dark tones on the front.
Looked like the 
dark was overlaid on top of the light.  Dang!  I _have_ seen some
similar and even 
more whack nylon string guitars, but I can't seem to google up the
this morning.  Delgado maybe?  [Shoot!  I think I was browing through
some old 
NAMM [1] reports when I saw them if that helps.]

We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't bring up the old connection
guitars and green M&Ms, right?

Once upon a time ... A long long time ago ... (back in the 1980's) ...
there was 
a rock band, Van Halen, that was feeling a bit left out on the whole
'diva' thang. 
Well, they decided one day to have a bit of fun and added some
ridiculous riders 
to their contracts just to be silly and to make other people's lives

One of the most famous of these riders was the demand to have a bowl
only green M&Ms available in their dressing room. (This was back at a
time when 
you couldn't buy a bag containing only green ones. Soooooo in order to
with the contract, someone had to run out and buy a bunch of bags of
M&Ms and 
then sort out the green ones for the band.)  Legend also has it that the
laughed their butts off in surprise when they found that they _did_ have
a bowl 
of only green M&Ms in their dressing room.


(Who will now take things from bad to worse by noting that the lead
character in 
the last anime series he finished, "I My Me - Strawberry Eggs" [Izzat a
great name 
or what?]  was often shown in the promos playing guitar or piano ...
Even though 
he/she (you had to have seen the series) never actually played either
during the 
series itself.)

[1] National Association of Music Merchants ... They hold a trade show
for the 
dealers to check out the new toys to stock. Kind of a CES for guitars
(and other 
Things) if you will. The 'oddities' report is my favorite. Here are the
two links:

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