[thechat] Quick Holiday Shout-Out

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 9 15:26:01 CDT 2006

Just a quick "Happy Thanksgiving" [1] shout out to Tara, Rudy, and any
outher Canadien evoltiens that may be amoungst us!


"The inclusive" RonL.

[1] Surprisingly enough, the Canadien Thanksgiving holiday doesn't
actually have anything to do with commemorating the invention of the
hockey puck, donuts, or Molson beer!  (Shocked! Shocked I am!)

[I'da a wished a happy 'golden week' to our Asian contingent, but I'm
not sure we have anyone here who celebrates that.]

{And a belated "congrats" out to Mike and Orla naturally!}

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