[thechat] Energy Conservation (Was: Your dream house: what tech stuff?)

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Wed Oct 25 14:03:15 CDT 2006

> That's pretty neat.  For some reason (lower fuel prices perhaps?) those
> kinds of things 
> haven't caught on too well over here.  You'll find some, but mostly (I
> think) for rather 
> specialized applications like RVs, or remodeling efforts in existing
> structures like 
> installing a mother-in-law apartment above a detached garage.
> It's much more common here for a home to have a 40 gallon water tank
> heated with natural 
> gas, like this:
> http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=211445-135
> -FG1F4040S3PV&lpage=none

To clarify, such 'on-demand' water heaters are available worldwide on 
both electricity or gas. My parents have been running one in the USA on 
gas for 20 years. In Israel they have both electric and gas models (not 
that particular company however).

Anyhow, these on-demand systems are FAR more energy efficient than a 
tank. This should be self-evident--a tank is sitting with hot water when 
you may or may not need it, but the on-demand systems are dormant until 
you need them, and they only heat what you need.

Regarding "building green", a friend of mine shared this with me:


> But I haven't seen any products combining the two. Might be an idea for
> a new product!]

AS far as phone-rigged door intercoms, those are available today.


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