[thechat] Energy Conservation (Was: Your dream house: what tech stuff?)

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Thu Oct 26 12:42:04 CDT 2006

>> Anyhow, these on-demand systems are FAR more energy efficient than a
>> tank. This should be self-evident--a tank is sitting with hot water  
>> when
>> you may or may not need it, but the on-demand systems are dormant  
>> until
>> you need them, and they only heat what you need.
> Oh true, but it depends on what temperature you want out of them.

The on-demand units seem pretty flexible. Atcom's can be set to a 

> Also, you'll note that output temperature depends to a *high* degree on
> water flow (and hence on pressure and hence on what other water use
> is going  on in the house). Having a shower when the dishwasher kicks
> in is a fun and interesting experience. And if you've a sensitive  
> thermostat,
> it's even *more* fun :-)

In my experience in my parent's home, there was only a temporary 
disturbance in water temperature when another hot water source was 
turned on. I am also considering instead of one large Atcom unit to put 
one smaller unit for the kitchen, and one small unit for the bathroom. 
Another advantage of that is that if one breaks....


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