[thechat] Energy Conservation (Was: Your dream house: what tech stuff?)

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 16:43:07 CDT 2006

On 26 Oct 2006, at 17:19, Luther, Ron wrote:

> My guess is (still) that the reason these are not more common in  
> the US
> is because our fuel costs are so much lower than other parts of the
> world.

Yeah, for now. Can't see that lasting long, mind.

> *MY* experience ... (caps to indicate that this is certainly _not_ an
> area where I have read or researched extensively [I'm not an expert  
> and
> I don't play one on TV either!]) ... this is just my personal  
> experience
> and observations.   My experience is that in the US, while a hell of a
> lot of these products are available, very very few are actually  
> used to
> any appreciable extent.  I don't think many of these technologies  
> would
> be considered "mainstream" over here.

Whereas here, building regulations are imposing tighter and tighter
energy controls, and when you're selling your house in England (not
Scotland), in the house info pack you have to provide, you have to
include an energy assessment.

> Solar window screens?  Yup, mainstream in Houston -- but probably
> non-existent in Minneapolis.  Solar roof thingies?  Might be  
> mainstream
> in Sedona -- but have you seen the price of housing in Sedona?  Yikes!
> For 'normal' housing, nope, I don't think they are mainstream anywhere
> in the US.

Here they sell water-heating solar and microgenerating electricity  
from wind
stuff in the biggest DIY chain for not a lot of money (£1500 for  
either, incl
installation). And there a selection of grants to help you with it.

And the other interesting thing is *the* TV show for self-builders  
has *always*
had an emphasis on green-ness, from its first series back in 1998  
then, they were portrayed as sandal-wearing hippies).


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