[thechat] Electric Circuit Timer

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Sun Oct 29 04:50:32 CST 2006

In my country, a standard feature for new homes is a timer built into 
the electric box which controls one or more circuits. The standard is a 
24-hour timer which can turn the power off or on for those circuits in 
that 24-hour cycle.

What I want which seems not to be standard is a timer with these two 

  * Power comes on slowly, as in with a dimmer
  * The timer is 48 hours or more

I have my own wacky reasons for wanting this. In Israel the power is 
220, like Europe. I don't know if a US model would work, but I don't see 
why a European one should *not* work.

Anyone have any ideas where I could get such a thing?


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