[thechat] Technical Question Regarding .... Industrial Fiberglass Grades

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Nov 2 14:45:11 CST 2006

Yeah, I know ... What the heck is up with Ron asking a legit question?
<shrug />

It *is* a wacky world after all.

Anyway.  My wife's son is gung-ho about starting his own company and I'm
trying to 
be supportive/encouraging while playing just enough of a devil's
advocate to make 
sure he's thought everything through clearly and doesn't make any

Anyway.  He's decided he wants to start off manufacturing and selling
automobile mufflers on-line (and on eBay).

He seems to be moving along fairly well with a steel muffler design and
has lined 
up some mfg capacity and dyno testing.  He's working on gathering
materials for 
starting into the R&D phase to test his design.

Anyway.  Now he's thinking of branching out into glasspacks ... {Gee.
Gotta think 
big and plan ahead, right?  Why wait until you have steel working well -
lets branch 
into an entirely new set of issues/mfg concerns! Grrr.} ... Anyway.
Anybody have 
any idea or link to what grade of fiberglass is used in muffler
Thickness?  Coatings?  Finishes?  Watusis?

I'll be sending him a link to the ThomasNet company index for "Plastics:
Reinforced" and suggesting that he email a few of the listed suppliers
information/prices ... But that's the best I got at the moment.



[No. He didn't like my idea of calling them FOO-CAN mufflers.  Pity.  I
the potential for marketing slogans and t-shirts sales were pretty

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