[thechat] November means NaNoWriMo!

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Nov 8 08:15:43 CST 2006

> >>I'm at about 11,000 words
> Wow!  That's gobsmackingly impressive!  Most excellent Sir!  I salute
> you!  ;-)

muchas Garcias (see, I spent half my childhood in Tijuana, and . . .
wait; wrong story)

> RonL.
> (Wondering what Joel's novel will be about ... Hmmmm ... music, beer,
> set 
> in Ireland ... Must be onna them highbrow musical comedy thangs.)

had an idea in place at the time I discovered NaNoWriMo in Feb. then in
late October, decided I wanted that one to be a serious project, for
real, so I pulled it from the '"write like mad - waddya mean, 'quality'
?" running, whereupon another old idea slid into its place for NaNoWriMo

and then 31 Oct, late in the day, that idea got nixed 'cause I spent two
minutes doing some research and killed the concept upon which the entire
plotline hinged (or unhinged) (dyslexia is *not* the simple optical
inversion or reversion of words/letters/objects, but a learning disorder
so complex that specialists can't even agree on *whether or not it
actually exists as a separate disorder*) (darnit)

and then, even later 31 Oct, decided that, having written a little
Chandleresque vignette once upon a time with which I'm still pleased
(lemme see; <shuffling of papers; drawers slide open and bang shut;
chair creaks> yeah, here it is, on my deprecated dog-slow server:
http://knowyourmusic.com/stories/pesocake.asp) I decided to throw
caution (and probably sense) to the winds and, not exactly expand that
piece, but run with the idea.

and, having discussed with the Red Rush (NaNoWriMo'ing a young adult
story starring her little sister, 10 years in the future) how I really
needed to have a fairly complete outline, including most especially the
critical elements of the denouement, I also chucked *that* bit of sense
out the window, and currently have the hero of the story racing off
erratically in a stolen car after having drunk two Irish thugs under the
table, to heaven only knows where.

can you say 'suspension of disbelief' ? it's fiction. just keep telling
yourself, it's fiction.


okay, at the risk of exposing myself to actual readers, help yourself
(updates as they come into existence; once again on my own dog-slow


criticism is most wholeheartedly UNwelcome at this phase. thanks :)

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