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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 14 07:38:59 CST 2006

Mr. Joel D Canfield of Lasbirdflu, Califlappinfornia writes in to

>>ah; excellent. hope ya like chicken, cap'n ronl 


Fortuitously enough ... I have just completed a _major_ rebuild /
of my gas grill!  Last Saturday, actually.  [While no credit cards were
injured in said restoration one was slightly singed.]

(The grill was in embarrasingly bad shape, I must admit ... In fact, one
even say it was ... a dark and stormy grill! Heh.  ;-P   I won't.   But
might be tempted to say such a thing.) 

All is well now, however.  I have discarded the old lava rocks, tossed
old kitty litter, and replaced the badly rusted (a dinner plate sized
certainly counts as 'badly rusted'!) and self destructing cast iron lava

rock brackets with new stainless steel flame tamers. I've even picked up

a set of stainless steel burners to have at the ready when the current 
cast iron set wears out.

All I need now is a case o 'Shiner and a couple of these:

Bring on dem beer butt boids!

A Feisty RonL.

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