[thechat] tehchat filtering

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Tue Nov 14 10:00:51 CST 2006

> In fact, one might 
> even say it was ... a dark and stormy grill! Heh.  ;-P   I 
> won't.   But one 
> might be tempted to say such a thing.) 

huh; filter's broke already

> a set of stainless steel burners to have at the ready when 
> the current cast iron set wears out.

I used to have a pretty nice grill. I hope its current owner uses it
once in a while. She never when we were co-owners.

> All I need now is a case o 'Shiner and a couple of these:
> http://www.bbqgalore.com/accessories/racks_baskets_holders/261156 

know you nothing of the health hazards of cooking with aluminum? while
it hasn't yet been directly linked to Alzheimer's, I'm working on a
theory that it causes a feigned appreciation for the works of a certain
dark and story author . . .


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