[thechat] Anti SPAM program

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Wed Nov 15 08:14:27 CST 2006

> Weird. 

WHat, me or Thunderbird?

> Do you train it both ways (marking some as spam and some as not
> spam)? I set up rules for thelist and the like that would
> automatically mark it as not spam, further training the filter. I get
> an amazing amount of spam to mattwarden.com addresses (mainly because
> it is a wildcard alias entry), and I would say that the catch rate was
> well above 99%. Of course, I haven't been using it since the "picture
> spam" with random text started gaining popularity. Not sure how well
> it handles that...

I do mark non-spam as such but I haven't seen much of that in a few 
months and I really don't even check for that now. I also have rules for 
thelist etc. And of course I mark spam as such to train the thing.

Maybe if it was Thunderdog it would train easier?

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