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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Nov 16 09:15:50 CST 2006

Hi Gang,
Busy week.  I had that nerve test thingie on Monday, phyical therapy
Tuesday, and more PT yesterday.  They spent more than an hour and a half
putting me through frog twitching electrodes and the Stretch Armstrong
routine last night!  Hot compresses.  Ice.  Fun for the whole family!  

Afterwards I had to run out and get some balls for my home PT exercises.
Now, I wasn't in the mood to put up with the shenanigans at WallyWorld
... (I rarely am anymore) ... so I went over to the local sporting goods
chain store instead.  Sometimes it's worth a few extra bucks not to have
to deal with the Wally crowd.
What I wasn't aware of was that I would end up with the world's coolest
PT balls!  Wooooohoooo!   ;-)

For real.  Check it out.  My "neck ball"  (place between head and wall -
use neck to push thru wall) is ... are you ready? ... a regulation ...
official ... league certified ... Dodgeball!!  Whoa!  ;-)  How fun is
that?!  Okay, I guess it kinda makes sense that *I* would own my own
official dodgeball.  Hey, it's a Mikasa!  How could you go wrong?  Hmmmm
.... Too bad my sister doesn't live closer.  Come on - everybody has to
bean their sister with a dodgeball - it's onna them rules of nature or

Unfortunately this thing doesn't come with a warning label.  Seriously.
Just holding this thing you get an overpowering urge to seek out, sneak
up on, and bean doofuses!  Dang!  I think I'm gonna hafta carry it with
me everywhere I go!  (Hmmm ... I may have to increase my credit limit
and max out a few cards to get more of these if I ever go back to
WallyWorld.) Gee! ... I wonder if I hafta get onna them 'concealed
dodgeball' licenses or sumptin'   ;-)
On a totally unrelated note ... what was your home address again?  I,
uh, need it to send out Christmas cards ... yeah, that's it ...
Christmas cards!
I needed a bit larger ball for my lower back (place between lower back
and wall - do those 'ski exercise' squats).  Fortunately, I found a
league certified regulation WAKA ball that was just the right size!  
WAKA? ... Oh, that's the 'World Adult Kickball Association' ... as if
you didn't know!
Heh.  Adult Kickball Leagues!! ... Who knew there were adult kickball
leagues?  That's awesome!!  Where are these things?  There could be one
in _your_ neighborhood.  Heh.  What kind of people would join an adult
kickball league?  They obviously sneak around furtively and have their
games indoors somewhere so the rest of us don't make fun of them.  Is
there some dirty backalley on the Internet with team kickball stats?
What would the team names be?  'Wussies'?  'Pansies'?  Come on ... Adult
<pondering pause /> 

You know.  Actually that's gotta be pretty sweet.  Everybody loved that
game as kids.  Why was it that we ever stop playing?  Probably be a heck
of a lot less heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in the world if we
all kept playing games like that.  ***Whoa!***  Hey, I guess that means
that sneaking up on folks with my dodgeball ... could actually be
construed as ... as ... as a public health service ... Why, I could get
a medal ... Or something!  

Oh _this_ is gonna be fun!
An Easily Amused RonL.
(Be afraid ... be vewy afraid ... (does keeping a dodgeball in the car
constitute 'riding dirty'?) ... Bwa-ha-ha-ha!)

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