[thechat] Odd Ball Sports

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Thu Nov 16 16:27:29 CST 2006

Luther, Ron wrote:
> WAKA? ... Oh, that's the 'World Adult Kickball Association' ... as if
> you didn't know!
> Heh.  Adult Kickball Leagues!! ... Who knew there were adult kickball
> leagues?  That's awesome!!  Where are these things?  There could be one
> in _your_ neighborhood.  Heh.  What kind of people would join an adult
> kickball league?  They obviously sneak around furtively and have their
> games indoors somewhere so the rest of us don't make fun of them.  Is
> there some dirty backalley on the Internet with team kickball stats?
> What would the team names be?  'Wussies'?  'Pansies'?  Come on ... Adult
> Kickball?!?  

/me raises his hand.

I'm actually a member of NWAACK...the Northwest Association of Adult 
Competitive Kickball. Association, Adult and Competitive are all used 
very loosely. Sometimes Kickball is used loosely as well.

I got into it because it was played across the street from my house in 
Eugene during the winter. I'm out drinking a beer and raking leaves and 
a bunch of muddy 20-somethings yell out at me to come play kickball, so 
I figure why the hell not. Go quickly put on cleats and a skirt, grab a 
six-pack from the fridge and head out to get drunk and muddy along with 
everyone else. Great stuff.

They really loved that I started playing because the bathrooms at the 
park are locked during the winter and I'm weird enough to let muddy 
people tromp through my house and use the bathroom. Danica, it must be 
said, is a very patient and tolerant woman.

And for the record, we don't do any wussy indoor games in the Northwest. 
When its 35 degrees and raining hard those rubber balls really sting. 
PBR is an excellent anesthetic though, orally or topically.

So come on Ron, lets get you out there in the mud and taking a big swing 
at the ball. I bet its excellent physical therapy.


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