[thechat] Odd Ball Sports

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Nov 16 21:32:47 CST 2006

Luther, Ron wrote:
> [snip]
> Heh.  Adult Kickball Leagues!! ... Who knew there were adult kickball
> leagues?  That's awesome!!  Where are these things?  There could be one
> in _your_ neighborhood.  Heh.  What kind of people would join an adult
> kickball league?  They obviously sneak around furtively and have their
> games indoors somewhere so the rest of us don't make fun of them.  Is
> there some dirty backalley on the Internet with team kickball stats?
> What would the team names be?  'Wussies'?  'Pansies'?  Come on ... Adult
> Kickball?!?  

Man, when Americans do things wrong, they go all out, huh?  Just play
football like the rest of the planet does, stop fucking with it :)))

ps, as much as I love it, American Football is just armoured rugby with ad
breaks, admit it ... ;)

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