[thechat] Odd Ball Sports

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 28 13:30:29 CST 2006

Tara Cleveland excitedly noted:

>>Whooo! Gardening is now a sport! So when I'm asked if I play sports
can I say YES now?

Hi Tara,

Why naturally it's a sport!  It has prize money and sponsors and stuff
doesn't it?  I mean really.  You wouldn't walk through the Jackson &
Perkins crowd wearning your Burpee coveralls now would you?  You could
get pruned for that!

It's understood that scoring can, of course, be problematic for the
uninitiated.  Although I suppose it was quite clear even to any casual
observor just how roundly the dandelions trounced me!  Oh, the humanity!

In betting, hmmmmm .... I suppose I would recommend *taking* the weeds.
They always seem to do well and the 'over/under' often seemed to sprout
against me.

... and of course the rabbits are always a concern, now aren't they?


(Who, once upon a time, was privy to the high stakes pressures of
competitive rose growing; the nervous tics and trowels, the water on the
knee - sometimes even mud! No, it's not a world for the timid!)

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