[thechat] orangey bit Chumley (was RE: Odd Ball Sports)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Dec 1 07:20:07 CST 2006

> Apparently the turning point of the case was whether the smashing
> orangey bit sat on the base, or was suspended from the chocolate.

nominated for the strangest out of context snippet I can imagine.

> Now have a go at:
> Penicuik
> Kircaldy
> Cholmondley


> Cockburnspath
> Ruyton-XI-Towns
> Cheers
> Martin

See? Even after a lifetime in the US, 7 years of that in *Texas*, I
still got 20%.

Can't even imagine how you'd pronounce summat with a Roman numeral in
the middle.

Or, worse, something in Welsh ;) ("FIN ahn gar." "F-F-F-Finegar?" "FIN
AHN GAR" as Colm Meaney, who's not even Welsh, tries to get Ian McNiece
to pronounce the name of their mountain, which is really a hill)


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