[thechat] new law on smoking over there?

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Fri Dec 1 09:24:31 CST 2006

Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> |:.[Why else would they still be pushing smoking bans
> |:.in the face of mounting evidence that not only does
> |:.it Not Work in its stated objective of reducing
> |:.tobacco consumption, but can be (and in Ireland, is)
> |:.directly responsible for a massive *increase*
> |:.in smoking, *especially* among the under-30s?]
> As if the ban would be the reason for increased smoking. 


Cause ===> effect.  30% jump since the ban among
under-30s, in a country where smoking had been on
the decline for 30 years, and where tobacco advertising
is banned.

Smokers go outside.  Outside is quieter.  Where's
the best place to meet/chat/pull now?

And in order to be out there and not look
like an idiot, you need a cigarette.

Of course, *before*, people smoking in pubs were
inside, where people too young to be in pubs could
not see them.

Now, kids can't walk past a licensed premises without
seeing people smoking.  Adult = pub = smoking.
How's that for advertising?

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