[thechat] Reminders

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Dec 1 09:20:24 CST 2006

|:.> As I use Outlook for email and other calendar related 
|:.things, I utilise the
|:.> Reminder and task functions as well, but I understand if 
|:.you don't want to
|:.> go for the whole package just for reminders :)
|:.The truth is that was the one thing I really liked about 
|:.Outlook. But I 
|:.don't want to run it just for that...

agreed, and these aspects of Outlook are the reason why I'm still using it,
even though the spam factor is starting to get annoying to the extent of
intolerance ...

So please keep me posted if you find a good solution :)


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