[thechat] greetings and elmo TMX offer

Marc Seyon marc.seyon at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 21:26:01 CST 2006

Evening folks,

Long time thelist member but first-time subscriber to thechat. I stop by
occasionally to read the archives online though, and I've seen a few of you
have had babies recently. Congrats to you all on that.

I'm writing tonight for a very specific reason, which I hope isn't a no-no
on here. I think some of you know me from thelist, so I hope I don't come
across as some sort of snake oil salesman.

I've won the rights to buy an elmo tmx on amazon - their weekly 'customers
vote' promo - but I've decided not to buy it myself. I know these toys are
pretty hard to come by, so I'm extending the offer to you all in the event
that it might make someone's Christmas. The only catch is that I need to
make the purchase before midnight pacific time tonight.

Please note - I am NOT trying to make any money off this myself. Amazon is
offering the item for $39.99 and I only need to cover that cost. If, for
example, someone wanted to paypal the money to me, they would need to send
$41.50 to cover the paypal fees.

Please email me directly if you're interested. And if I'm broken any rules I
sincerely apologise.


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