[thechat] Sony vaio and DVDs

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Dec 21 10:33:58 CST 2006

> Anybody's had this kind of problem with a laptop reading a 
> DVD like it's learning how to read?

when we first moved up north, we didn't have a DVD player so we watched
movies on my computer (only had a 19" TV, but a 21" flat Sony monitor,
so who wanted TV anyway?)

About an hour into any movie, it would start to behave the way you're
describing. sometimes a restart helped, sometimes nothing helped. I
remember one night when the young 'un was desparate to watch Godzilla,
but became less desparate when she realized that, in two hours, the film
had progressed ten minutes.

never did find a suitable solution; finally just bought a DVD player and
bigger TV.

I used to laugh at the little portable DVD players, until Best Beloved
was in hospital for so long (please, do NOT attempt to actually
ENTERTAIN yourself with broadcast TV in Sacramento.) After we had every
episode of "Funniest Home Videos" memorized (and were, sadly obssessive
about 24, which was running in three different seasons on three
different channels), a friend at work loaned me her DVD player.

>From then on, it was "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and Collective Soul in
concert and all kinds of goodies. Dual headphone plugs, so we could jam
(albeit carefully, for the ill one) to the good music stuff.

Now, sometimes, I wanna watch and Best Beloved wants to go to bed, and I
still can't stay up once she's in bed, so it's read or sleep. Cute
little mocked DVD player would come in handy. Probably keep the little
nipper engaged once in a while, too. So, I'm not laughing anymore.


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