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Fri Jan 12 16:43:24 CST 2007

On 12 Jan 2007, at 19:10, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Stéphane Deschamps might have misquoted:
>>> There was even an english movie called "Play it like Beckham"
> Are you sure you're not thinking of 'Bend It Like Beckham'?


> It was actually a pretty cute film about an Indian girl who liked  
> to play soccer.  I enjoyed it.  I found the portrayal of her family  
> sooooo funny that I started checking out the Bollywood entrees on  
> Netflix.

...also the film that launched Keira Knightley and her pout on an  
unsuspecting world..

Yeh, Becks the player is pretty good. But the reason he's going to LA  
(and why Galaxy are so happy to be diverting a chunk of their  
sponsorship cash his way) is as a Brand, he's huuuge. The objective  
is not just to be the best football team (not hard - Galaxy would  
struggle in the English 1st Division (which is the 2nd highest  
league)), but to take football to a greater level of consciousness.  
It's a huge game for kids (and the US women's team is a force to be  
reckoned with),  but needs to penetrate the adult consciousness.


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