[thechat] Vinyl Conversion

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Fri Jan 12 18:30:24 CST 2007

  Martin's tag noting what he is playing has always been interesting.
Sometimes it is something I know, other times it is complete new and
I learn something.

  I've been converting all our vinyl LPs to CDs for the past few months.
I bought one of those turntables with a USB output so I just play the
record directly into the computer using the Audacity software. I
thought originally of wiring up my stereo equipment through the sound
card, but the logistics of all that equipment near my computer didn't
work. The USB turntable was very inexpensive and works as advertised.

  I'm about one half of the way through Miss Hunt's collection, about
200 LPs so far. Now I'm listening to Gordon Lightfoot's _The Way I
Feel_ from 1967. In a couple of months, I'll start on my collection
of about 600 LPs collected over about 30 years. It has been fun to
hear all the old stuff again. The Kingston Trio, The Limeliters,
Chet Atkins (the old stuff), and all the 60's music. Our road trips
are even more fun now that we have so many more choices. I have now
heard about five hours of Wanda Landowska harpsichord music which
is a favorite of Miss Hunt.

  Enjoy, Roger
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