[thechat] Its Awfuwwy Kwiet Awound Here

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Jan 12 20:53:28 CST 2007

Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> Though baseball... 

> eh? only sport worth watching, IMNSHO. actually involves what I like to
> call 'the brain' rather than just being faster, bigger, or meaner than
> the other guy.
> Baseball is the only sport.

A few years ago my wife and I visited with my son's then-girlfriend
and family in San Diego. He came up with this scheme that Lin and I
should stay an extra day, so we could all go to a Giants-Padres game.
For Father's Day. Padres. Fathers. Get it? Woot!

So we went. Afternoon game. Turned into a tie-fest that went roughly
129 innings, or until about 2am. And we had a flight back to the Bay
Area at 6-something. Arrrr.

Really, it would have been more interesting watching squirrels in
togas tow little chariots around a track. Well, OK, that's an unfair
comparison -- sorry -- because, well, yeah :-)

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