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Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 20:50:43 CST 2007

--- Martin Burns <martin at easyweb.co.uk> wrote:

> Yeh, Becks the player is pretty good. But the reason he's going to LA
> (and why Galaxy are so happy to be diverting a chunk of their  
> sponsorship cash his way) is as a Brand, he's huuuge. The objective  
> is not just to be the best football team (not hard - Galaxy would  
> struggle in the English 1st Division (which is the 2nd highest  
> league)), but to take football to a greater level of consciousness.  
> It's a huge game for kids (and the US women's team is a force to be  
> reckoned with),  but needs to penetrate the adult consciousness.

A clever bit of writing by Bill Plaschke in last Friday's LA Times:

You want to sell soccer in America?

Vend it like Beckham.

You want to repair the divide between the millions of Americans who 
play soccer and the thousands who actually watch it?

Mend it like Beckham.

You want people to think soccer here will finally become a major sport 
and live happily ever after?

Pretend it like Beckham.

Terry, presently 11 miles from the home of the LA Galaxy and thinking
about buying some tickets

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