[thechat] Shannon Lucid CNN article

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Jan 26 09:29:50 CST 2007


two things popped out at me right away:
1. very groovy world records, but not entirely surprising for someone
that driven
2. let's see: learn to be an astronaut, go into space and live on a
space station where, instead of six billion people there are three. not
three billion, of course, just three.

and the other two people with you are *both* named Yuri.

(okay, one is spelt 'Yury' in the article, but I'll bet you can't hear
the difference when someone yells 'Yuri, look out!')

and so, with apologies to anyone bearing the name, we've issued a
moratorium against band members named 'Michael' or any of its
derivatives. We've had three, and a few more have tried out or at least
discussed it. It's too much even that the guitarist's name is my middle
name; lucky for us I never switched to using it as a kid when I wanted
to be like everyone else (before I realized *that* was never gonna

joel (the only one with two Hebrew names among siblings whose names are
one and all Celtic, but I'm the Celtic-obsessed one - yet another 'how
did that happen?')

aka joel, who is trying to avoid implementing the state-maintenance
scheme he's cooked up for the online demo of certain things he's
building, and would rather be reading his newest Nero Wolfe

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