[thechat] Punctuation - wuz - RE: RPM Challenge?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Jan 26 14:17:58 CST 2007

> <pre> tags might help.  It would allow more white space. 
> More 'compositional' freedom for arrangement implying timing 
> and perhaps to some extent tone/pitch.

shades of e. e. cummings (with good reason)

rachelle writes much of her poetry in a style that requires a particular
layout to convey the full meaning

> That way I could note that the word "different" in the 
> last sentence was to have been read stoccato with each 
> syllable as a dotted quarter note.  Could be fun!

somewhere just recently I was reading about how the punctuation symbols
came about; the ampersand, for instance being an
abbreviation/modification of the Latin for 'and', the question mark a
modified Latin 'q', (them Latins keep showing up all over the place; you
Latin, Ron?)

> Good thing I only have a short drive home, huh?  
> Otherwise I mighta come up with somethin weird ...

I would think your own fingers would turn on you in a
Fletcher-Christianesque refusal to even type that sentence.

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