[thechat] Windows 2K + XP Network

Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Mon Jan 29 10:29:35 CST 2007

> General rule for networking in Windoze:
> 1) Make sure Workgroup is the same


> 2) Make sure you are on the same ip range (i.e. all computers have a ip
> address in the same range, so all in 192.168.0.# or 192.168.5.# etc)


> 3) Make sure you have an identical user on both machines. (i.e. a user
> called Default, with the same password, and sufficient permissions to
> access the shared filespace) This is required due to 2k's NT-based
> Networking rules.)

On 2K it would ask for a login for the other machine if it didn't match. 
Anyhow, they match.

> 4) Make sure you have shared an area, and have File & Print Sharing
> turned on.


> 5) Make sure you either a. disable windows firewall on the XP machine,
> or b. add an exception for file & print sharing.

It has an exception and I tried disabling it also.

As mentioned, the 2K machine can open the file shares just fine on the 
XP. It's just that the XP can't open the 2K.

I only installed this crazy XP thing to test IE7. :)

 > lemme know if this does anything (it's about browser master contention
 > in what looks like your specific situation)
 >     http://www.webservertalk.com/message1634411.html

I installed the tools but I got no browstat executable.  ?

I manually STOPped the 'Computer Browser' service on XP, but same results.

I found this now:


and I see that 'IsDomainMaster' is set to FALSE on both machines. I set 
the 2K to TRUE, and when I reboot, I will see if that helps.


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