[thechat] Its Awfuwwy Kwiet Awound Here

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Jan 29 10:33:40 CST 2007

Martin Burns asked:

>>How much of a travelling support do the Dallas Cowboys get, anyway?

Hard to tell.  You *will* see Dallas fans in the stands at every away 
game.   But you won't really know how many of them actually traveled 
to the game.  My guess is that, unless it is a playoff game, very 
few will have traveled.  I think most will be ex-pats or wannabe 

There _are_ fans who do some traveling following their team. There 
are also some fans on the quest to 'see one game in every arena/
stadium/whatever' for their sport of choice.  I hear about it 
most often with respect to baseball.

Traditionally there is more traveling for playoff than regular 
season games over here. 

Where you WILL see the rabid traveling sports fans in America is not 
at the pro level but at the collegiate level. A college playoff or 
bowl game will attract quite a large number of crazed alumni.  [1]

Collegiate games against an arch-rival also kinda count as playoff 
games.  Columbus alums will fly in for the Ohio State vs Univ. of 
Michigan game - but probably not for the Ohio State vs Miami of Ohio 


[1] Major college football stadiums seat more fans than professional 
team stadiums.  A quick google reveals that the current Dallas Cowboy 
stadium seats 65,675 and the new stadium is planned to seat 75,000. 
Kyle field (Texas A&M) seats about 80,000. There are a number of 
colleges that will seat over 100,000.  [University of Michigan, as 
one example, seats 107,501.  Ohio State seats 101,568]

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