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Sun Mar 18 04:11:47 CDT 2007

<quote who='Martin Burns' when='17/03/2007 18:36'>
> On 17 Mar 2007, at 03:37, Erik Mattheis wrote:
>> Although I do also feel schadenfrude about my early enthusiasm for
>> the Flash Player.
> Which is interesting, as I'm now grudgingly accepting that it has its  
> uses.
> The current dayjob project is a site that'll have a Flex interface  
> for key functionality
> to both the end customer and a superset to a contact centre.

Ah, you too? I'm in the midst of writing a long (make it looooooooong) 
recommendation on Flex accessibility for my company.

I've always felt that Flash, even if it's often misused, was sexy 
although relatively contrary to my philosophy of openness, ability to 
learn from reading the source, etc.

But Flex is interesting. Its capabilities to do server-side push to the 
user when something changes is a new thing to the web.

Ach, we're almost talking work. It's bad on this list.

Here's some very nice video/music sampling to enjoy if you're into 
lounge music:

PS: I thought the archives for thechat were not publicly readable...? 
How can we vent out then? ;)

Stéphane Deschamps

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