[thechat] why are so many motorcycles still carburetted?

Barry Sweeney barry at sweeneys.net
Sat Mar 31 11:53:49 CDT 2007

Joel D Canfield wrote:
> I'da thunk motorcycles would all have fuel injection, like virtually
> all cars over here since the early 90s. James is researching which
> Kawasaki to buy, and very few have fuel injection; his research
> indicates that this is still the norm.   

There's possibly a couple of reasons. Primarily, fuel injection was used
because carburettors have had difficulty in dealing with slow
intake-air-speeds as well as high intake-air-speeds, and fi has evolved and
eliminated this.  M'cycles tend to have smaller chokes and higher revving
engines, maybe this air speed is sufficient.  Also the use of catalytic
converters on cars has meant that fi *has* to be used.  Do many m'cycles
have catalysts? 

Please feel free to pull these arguments to bits if they are unfounded.

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