[thechat] synonym (word or phrase)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Apr 13 15:47:41 CDT 2007

Joel D Canfield asked:

>>I'm looking for a word or short phrase, suitable as a business title
>>an artistic realm, which essentially means 'the one who makes
>>| tools | hard stuff] [easy | fun | usable]'

Hi Joel,

I once told my CEO that I was his "Information Alchemist", so I'm kinda
partial to that phrase.  I could do that on a business card.

"Digital Strongman" was another fun one I've heard. (Watch me turn those
dangerous ones into nice safe zeroes!)

And what artsy person wouldn't be proud to call themselves "Chief
Titivation Officer"?  [0]

Getting ready to bug out for the weekend, but there should be some
'Techmonkey' or 'Grok Guru' things if you wanna go less formal.

Have Big Fun,

[Every day it's the same old thing -- variety.  I want something

[0] Anu Garg's word of the day theme this week was 'words that *seem*
risque'.  Tuesday's word was "titivate (TIT-i-vayt) verb tr., intr."
meaning "To make smarter; to spruce up; to decorate." which seems to me
to be quite in keeping with the graphic design side of the web world.
And I've been looking for an excuse to use the word anyway, just cuz it
_does_ seem risque! [1]  ;-)

[1] Yes, I did see this week's comments about starting footnotes at
zero.  So?

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