[thechat] synonym (word or phrase)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 19 15:00:45 CDT 2007

Joel D Canfield asked:

> 'Lead Moondog' or
> 'Chief Data Dweezel'

Hi Joel!

>>so, where were those ideas before I got the cards printed?


These are fresh off the griddle, man.  Came up with 'em on the 
drive home last night. [1]

>>'cept, wouldn't it be 'Alpha Moondog' ?

Ooooo!  Nice.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  Kind of 
vice-versedly passive-aggressive. [2]  Arrogant yet laid 
back.  Well rounded.  Good tone.  Whoa.  I'm gonna have to 
use that one!

You know, Joel, you'll always be 'Head Hamstah-Trainer' to us!  ;-P


[1] Or so he would have you believe.  Perhaps 'the man' suppressed those
suggestions.  You see, 'the man' feels threatened by the success of the
data dweezils for he knows that they will inevitably rise up like
un-normalized outliers in the scatterplot of life and assume their
rightful place in the eschelon of power! And on that day brother ... [3]

[2] Would that be aggressive-passive?

[3] Or someone's watching waaaay too much Dave Chappelle.  Your choice.

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