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Sun May 13 15:41:38 CDT 2007

<quote who='Roger Austin' when='10/05/2007 01:06'>
> Stéphane Deschamps wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> This is not the most glorious hour of our country, but we're a number of 
>> people who do not agree with this new radical president.
>> Many friends of mine have written articles in French, I did one in 
>> English if anyone wants to read it:
>> <http://www.nota-bene.org/France-s-radical-turn-to-the-right>
>   Many people in the US have no idea that France had an election.
> Most people outside of the government areas and academia really
> couldn't care less about it. I think those that paid attention
> probably did so since there was a woman running. That seemed to
> be the main attraction from the media, but you may see the same
> thing across the EU. Every time there was an article it had her
> splashed across the page. Maybe the fellow wasn't very photogenic.
>   It would be interesting to know more about the general reaction of
> the French populace. There is an undercurrent of folks who like W,
> and a vocal group who find him extremely offensive. I would not be
> shocked to see the next US president come from a group that may be
> worse than W (in my opinion,) but I was pleasantly surprised at the
> congressional elections so there is hope for the US long term.
>   I don't know much about your new president, but France doesn't have
> that great of a track record. From what I have seen, the last couple
> of presidents have been mediocre at best. That is an opinion from
> someone who is far removed from the daily issues in your country
> so it isn't worth much. I would welcome your opinion on him as well
> as the last few.

Actually, the last couple of elections elected the same guy, whose name 
is Jacques Chirac and who's deep in fraud scandals. Good thing for him 
to have been elected, so that he couldn't be investigated.

>   Can you give us some worthwhile (English or American language)
> articles on him that would give us a view of him and his policies?
> Do you think that his policies will have a direct and possibly
> negative or positive affect on your life?

Oh yes I do. He's radical and is in favour of genetic filing of people. 
I find it very dangerous.

Oh, and of course he's very quick to give short answers to difficult 
problems: for instance our country's current bad shape is due to 
immigration and kids born from immigrated people, who are most of them 
rioters and looters.

Negative aspect for our country as a whole, yes, is what I expect. Me? 
I'm white, well-paid, in a cool suburb. Nothing will impact me directly, 
except maybe a raise in taxes, because in France middle-class people 
always suffer an increase whoever wins (I'm not against taxes per se 
BTW, I believe in public service).

Stéphane Deschamps

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