[thechat] hi...

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun May 20 23:22:18 CDT 2007

Martin Burns wrote:

> Hey Erika! Missed you for ages - good to see you back

How's the wee one?  I'm sure you have pix online somewhere...?

> Ah now, if I got into video production, I'd never see the light of  
> day... I'm too scared even to start producing mashups (which I like  
> to think I'd be pretty damned good at) for fear of the time black  
> hole it'd create.

I think you'd be awesome at it.  You were the one I thought might be 
youtubing.  My daughter is the one who made me realize that is the now 
wave of media online and I better get learned...

I pieced together film clips I'd taken on the train (the dust princess 
video that's up there) from Minneapolis to Portland with a soundtrack 
we'd made on the train.  I did that all with a cheap walgreens vivitar 
digital camera... then I went out and bought a "real" video camera for 

My daughter could travel halfway across the US and have a common 
language with kids her age because they were all watching the same 
youtube videos.

The main problem is how fast the video editing eats up the disk space...

> I'll just point you at Lenlow for now:

ok, I will check it out...


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