[thechat] I want a new job!

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Thu May 24 14:15:58 CDT 2007

> I don't know if it's a mid life crisis or that I'm just fed 
> up with the one 
> I've got, but I want a new job.

Either way, bravo!

> As far as I can work out, I have a few things in my favour 
> but they are 
> totally outweighed by the things against me.

It didn't seem that way from your list.

Have you considered building your personal portfolio until your
self-employment crowds out your 'real' job?

Some folks aren't cut out for it, but unless the alternative is
starvation, I'll never again be an employee in the traditional sense.
It's often scary, but always exciting.

If you'd really prefer working for a small company, your primary tool is
networking. Who you know is still exponentially more important than what
you know.

Best wishes, and keep us posted.


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