[thechat] I want a new job!

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu May 24 14:56:43 CDT 2007

Kevin Stevens wrote:

> 1. I will be 40 next year so I don't exactly have youth on my side, but 
> neither am I past it.

damn you're old. old old old. old. old.


I don't know beans about London but I was talking to a friend of mine 
who works in San Francisco, CA and then also I've been sort of keeping 
an eye out here in Portland, OR... ok and this is from a bit of a 
freelance perspective.  I hope this isn't too OT....

My friend thinks that increasingly important these days is less how to 
code applications from scratch but a knowledge of available solutions 
and how to implement them.

My observation as a freelancer is that content management is 
increasingly important not only for large organizations but also for 
small companies that don't want to pay a web designer to do every little 
thing that needs to be done.

And I agree 100% about the networking bit.  With an emphasis on London 
of course and the types of orgs you are interested in working in.   Then 
you can hone skills in the direction that will help you most.

1968 was a fine year.


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